Better Business: Breaking Down the Walls of the Purchasing Silo


This book will lay out ways in which a fundamental change in purchasing strategy and practice can dramatically improve company financial results above and beyond what can be achieved through a primary focus on reducing material cost. The source of these savings—Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) direct and overhead costs, as well as improved OEM Customer Fill Rates—will be defined and quantified in detail. Further, the book will introduce the concept of “Lean Supply Chain Performance” and show why it should be the overall goal of all purchasing functions.


aul D. Ericksen  Supply Chain Advisor

Paul D. Ericksen

Supply Chain Advisor

Paul D. Ericksen retired from John Deere in 2006 after holding several managerial-level positions in the supply chain area over his 30 years of service. His last assignment at Deere was as process-owner of the company’s supplier development function. He later went on to serve a stint as Chief Procurement Officer at a Fortune 300 company. Ericksen has written widely on supply chain issues and currently serves as IndustryWeek’s Supply Chain Advisor. Paul advises companies and organizations on supply management strategy and practice, as well as promoting progressive changes in supply management strategy.